Free E-Book That Helps Little Ones Cope With Negative Emotions

A new era has begun: the other day, for the first time, my youngest daughter was angry and crying, and did not want me to pick her up. Nope. She wanted to lie on the floor and make a lot of noise, and when I said to her ‘You seem really cross. Can I give you a cuddle?’ She waved her arms in a way that suggested I had asked her something horrible. We’ve all been there. One of those moments when we, or our children, feel like throwing ourselves on the floor and having a good old scream. It isn’t a nice place, but sometimes it seems impossibly difficult, even for an adult, to do anything else. What can be done about it?! For parents, the question is often, how to help a child process their negative emotions, and encourage good mental health. What is important to consider is that we each already have the capacity to find peace. That’s why it’s called ‘inner peace’. The question should really be, how can I help my child and myself to access this peace, especially when we feel anything but peaceful. Tammy Furey’s Ebook explores this topic in the context of parenting a bilingual/ multilingual child, or a child who has just been relocated, and is experiencing difficulty in communication. Really, the ‘calming down’ imagery she describes is equally beneficial for grown ups who are feeling at their wits end for whatever reason, or who are parenting a child who is struggling with their big, huge, uncomfortable, feelings. Tammy suggests ways of explaining our bad moods and what to do when we find ourselves in one. She has come up with some great images to grab kid’s imaginations. The lesson here is a valuable life skill, which can help children to calm themselves, and assist you in supporting them. She has generously offered her book for free to anyone who would like to read it, with no sign ups or commitments. Get your free copy here, right now.