Mums are not born, they are made (dads too, but it doesn’t alliterate): Natural urges encourage you to love and protect your children, but mother nature is a bit hazy when it comes to actually raising them. You have to make your own way. Hence, the first rule of parent club is that you talk about parent club. Incessantly. Sometimes with actual people. Sometimes in the form of a wacky internal dialogue. Perhaps in a blog.

Since I became a mum I have learned a lot, but there are always new lessons, as there are always new highs and lows. Life has changed, bit by bit, child by child, and I have changed with it. Parents are not just made, they are re-made as their families grow in size and stature.

I started this blog to share my motherhood experiences with people who, like me, find themselves googling “one parent three children bedtime routine” or “5 month old stopped sleeping HELP”. It has become a place where I like to figure out who I want to be in this growing family of mine. There are so many opportunities to embrace new ideas and more harmonious ways of relating to ourselves, partners, and kids.

I like to think, that if it all goes wrong, I can change the blog to “mums are mad”. But it won’t come to that. Probably.

Thank you so much for reading.

Lots of love,


PS I also blog about pregnancy and babies at mamajestic.com. Do come and join me there if you are interested!



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